Top Best 4 Alternative of Microsoft Office 2017

Sure, Office is useful but it comes with a price tag.

Microsoft Office is very useful productivity suite when it comes to editing documents but it is not a freeware. Fortunately, there are numbers of equally capable alternatives to the MS Office suite available for Windows as well as for MacOS. Whether one is looking for spellcheck of a copy of document or string together complex formulas prior to giving an important business presentation. So here is top five alternative of Microsoft office.

Free Office

It is a feature rich office suite, functions as a light version of MS Office suite. The free download includes text maker, plan maker and presentations as a replacement for MS Office and each is comparable to its MS Counterpart.

Open Office

remains one of the oldest open source alternative to the office. After 15 years this software has developed a full tool set for creating a word document, graphics, presentation, spreadsheets, databases, etc. The software saves the data into an international open standard format. Like other freeware listed here, it also supports MS Word document, handles cell dependent formulas and spell checks your word. The preloaded templates provide a host of frameworks for the users to create commonly used documents such as resumes easily.

Google Docs

Google Docs has been at the forefront of open software for many reasons. Primarily because it is free & accessible anywhere with an internet connection. The well-known office suite provides a word processor, spreadsheets & presentation capabilities, all without a price tag the software lets you create, edit & share documents with anyone in real-time regardless of whether they have a google account. It also supports a wide array of file types as well as integration with services such as google plus, Gmail & google calendar. All documents are stored in the cloud for quick access. The interface is minimal & sleek.

WPS Office

It is another freeware which is available for multiple OS. It is a good alternative to Office and looks just like a clone of Office too. All the features like writer, presentation and spreadsheet work almost like that of MS Office and is feature packed with options which are not available in Office too. Moreover, it’s FREE!

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