Best Private Search Engine

Best Private Search engine: eTools

So almost everyone now days know about Google, right? Yeah it is a popular search engine which displays results based on the keywords or phrases entered. But do you know that there are many results that are not displayed? What if you could see all the results? Wouldn’t you like that? Yes you would, we all would. So we bring to you eTools – Best Private Search engine.

Private Search. This is a neat Meta search engine application which focuses mainly on your privacy. Let me explain it to you. So whenever someone uses a search engine, it tracks you and shows results accordingly. But when you use eTools Private Search it shows results without anyone knowing about you. This is possible because the app searches through its server which is located in Switzerland and the results are displayed via the same server. It is really simple to use. You can either use it on smartphone or even on computer.

For smartphone you can download the eTools Private Search application from the market (which is free and does not have any in app purchases too) and use it like google search app. On computer you can visit eTools Private Search website and from there you can search for anything. It is really useful and you can also filter out the results according to your need. Like you can sort results according to the language, safe search filter or even location. This is absolutely free of cost and really easy to use and is compatible with popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and many others. Yes it might not look that appealing but it certainly works well and without any issue.

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