Best YouTube app alternatives for Android

Best YouTube App Alternatives for Android- YouTube with Customisation.

YouTube app comes preloaded with almost each and every android devices. It does a pretty decent job when it comes to playing video. But it misses out on some features like background playback, saving videos (YouTube app lets you save videos but not all of them), or hovering windows so that you can do other stuff while you watch your favorite videos. So here are best youtube app alternatives for android.

1. OGYouTube

best youtube app alternatives for android


This is the modded version of the official YouTube app and it looks almost the same as the official one. But it offers a wide variety of function which is not available in the official app. Which includes hovering window which allows you to watch videos while using any other app or just listen to audio after locking the device. You can view or download contents  (videos ranging from 144p to 1440p or even audio). We have already listed some of the best apps that can playback YouTube on background, you can check out that post by clicking here.

2. TubeMate

best youtube app alternatives for android


This is almost same as OGYouTube but with this app you can play videos from other websites too. You can stream and download different resolution of the video. This is also considered to be one of the popular video downloaders that is available.

3. Zing YouTube Player

best youtube app alternatives for android


This is yet another YouTube replacement app that has picture-in-picture effect like the official YouTube app and it lets you queue videos which is cool as you can set up your favorite music and it will keep on playing one after another. But sadly no background playback.

4. YouTube Go (Unreleased)

best youtube app alternatives for android

This is another official app from Google but it is different from the main YouTube app as this is light weight and built for Indian people with slow internet speed. Some of the features which separate the main app from this one is that this app lets you select different quality levels of playback with the amount of data that is required. You can choose to save the video and share it with others via Bluetooth or Hotspot.

5. YouTube Music

best youtube app alternatives for android

An app designed for the people who uses YouTube just to listen to music. Though this is officially available in UK & US but you can download the apk and use VPN to log in and listen to music, but this is a bit of a hassle as it will stop working as soon as VPN disconnects.

6. YouTube Kids

best youtube app alternatives for android

This is yet another official app from Google (UK & US). I just had to list this as it is very useful. As the name suggests this is made especially for kids. There is no way that any adult or violation related content will appear here, not even by mistake. Though you need to set it up yourself before any child can use this. You can select the kind and type of videos you want your children to see, also you can set a timer. Nifty isn’t it?

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