Music without WiFi. Top 10 offline music player app.

Music without WiFi. Best offline music player app.

Music gives joy to the audience and helps to manage stress and nervousness by giving relaxation. Music can invigorate feelings by engaging the audience, and it can be an individual and a social experience. Certain songs can unite a group of people. It can be a topic of discussion or bring together a group of people through dancing.

People can listen to music to escape from fatigue amid a car commute. Music, especially traditional music, is known to benefit those with back or muscle torment by unwinding muscle and mental strain. Music can reduce anxiety and helps to keep calm. It also impacts individual character. Individuals can find out about themselves through their favorite genres or songs, which can be a form of personal expression.

Many of us listen to music while traveling and sometimes we do not have Wi-Fi or mobile network at disposal so we need offline music in such cases. So here are some apps that not only lets you stream your favorite music but also lets you save them so that you can listen to them offline. You can connect your smartphone to the internet and save the songs for offline use and you are good to go.

1. iHeartRadio

music without wifiThis is by far one of the most popular music streaming app and known by many of us. iHeartRadio offers access to more than 800 radio stations which been facilitated in US area. Furthermore, this application gives its users a chance to make their own custom stations.

iHeartRadio comes handier as they have new tunes to suit your taste. They also claim to have around 18 million songs by more than 400,000 artists and 1000+ of live stations which keep on increasing every day.

2. Slacker Radio

music without wifi

It is one of the top music streaming applications which can also be used to play offline music. You can easily find your favorite music by browsing through genres or your favorite artist for that matter. Likewise, it let the clients make custom station simply like the iHeartRadio application. It is free and it also has membership access to a huge number of song collection and music stations.

3. Pandora

music without wifiPandora is also a well-known music streaming service which also supports offline music. You might say it has less music in its library, but some of the features provided by Pandora is simply not there in other apps. Pandora application includes bunches of new features like wake up timer. It will wake you up with your most loved music. Much the same as other music applications, also let you create a radio station.

4. Microsoft Groove

music without wifiIf you have used Windows 10 then you might be familiar with this great music app. The groove is also available for android and iOS. It is capable of streaming various music and is preferred and used by many. The interface is clean and easy to navigate through.


5. SoundCloud

music without wifiThe monster archive of music is here! Most of the artists and mixers have uploaded their creation in SoundCloud. Without a doubt, Soundcloud is the one of the best music streaming application which stores a large music collection. Just download the app and signup and you are good to go. SoundCloud lets their users interact with the artist and they can comment and playlist with main tunes. It lets its user upload their own tunes or mixes so that it can reach to everybody.

6. Spotify

music without wifiSpotify is another well-known multiplatform music streaming application. It has a massive 20 million tracks to offer to its users. You can connect your social media account and share the tunes you are playing automatically. You can also play it on multiple devices and can control multiple devices within the app.


7. Google Play Music

music without wifiPlay Music is a yet another famous music streaming application and known by all android smartphone user. This application is commonly installed in many of the android devices by default. With this application, you can listen to music or choose to listen to a number of different radio stations. Google Play Music application can be utilized from your PC effortlessly with no issues. You can connect it with iTunes library easily and enjoy your favorite music collection.

8. Deezer

music without wifiIt is another free music streaming application available for both iOS and android. You can, without much of a stretch, hunt for your choice of tune and play it on your device. It has a great collection of tracks and furthermore permits you to make unlimited playlists with your most loved specialists, tunes, collections, and MP3s. It also lets you hum along by showing you the lyrics.

9. Tidal

music without wifiTidal is another free music streaming application for smartphones. You can play top notch music and video on your gadget. It permits you to play offline music anytime you like. You can also sort your own music collection by playlists as your choice.


10. Amazon prime

music without wifiAmazon prime is also a good service to sign up to. It offers you a 30 days trial before you need to purchase the service. But then again it offers exclusive access to movies and TV shows, ad-free music, Kindle books, original audio series and unlimited photo storage along with fast free shipping for many of the products which you purchase from amazon.



So these were my top 10 picks for the best app that lets you play music without wifi or offline playback. Hope this waas useful to you and let us know about what you use in your smartphone.

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