New Windows 10 Update, Creator Update version 1703

New Windows 10 Update a.k.a Creators Update

The new windows 10 update, that is the creator update is live. The devices are receiving the updates. If you are so eager to enjoy the latest update then why wait. I will show you how to download the latest update from the official website and install it on your PC, laptop and Pro surface. Since today morning I was checking for updates in the update and security option in settings but after checking it was showing “Your device is up to date. Last checked: Today, ‏‎10:23 PM”.


new windows 10 update

Then I decided to download and install the latest update manually. Sometimes it does take a little time to receive the update and don’t worry I will be helping you download the official updates only. Here are steps by which you can download and install the updates: –

1.First of all you need to visit the following link


new windows 10 update

Then click on the update now option. If the current version is 1607, it should detect it and show you the update now option. After you click on the button a small Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant application should get downloaded.

2.Run the downloaded application. After installing the application, it should show you a shortcut on the desktop screen with the same name.

3.After running the application it showed show you the following window: –


new windows 10 update

Click on the update now option.

4.Then you should be redirected to the following window:-

new windows 10 update



They will check the hardware requirement or the PC compatibility if everything is OK then you will be able to see the next option. And as soon as you click on next it will show you: –




new windows 10 update

You might see 0% for a while but don’t worry the update has started you can check it from task manager.



Wait for the update to download and install and enjoy the latest features. After I finish installing the update I will definitely share the new features available and provide you with a feedback. Thanks, and enjoy!

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