Top 10 Best Free Seo Plugin For WordPress

We all know that SEO is one of the most important parts of a blogging. Actually, it is not only important for blogging it is important for each and every website to rank higher on a search engine. So today we will discuss some of the best free SEO plugins for WordPress to rank higher on a search engine. So here we listed some best free SEO plugin for WordPress.

Best Free SEO Plugin For WordPress

1. WordPress SEO By Yoast Plugin

best free seo plugin for wordpress

Yoast is one of the best free SEO plugin available for WordPress. This single plugin helps in optimizing your blog content. It is used by many professionals and it has got a rating of 4.7-star with over 5 million downloads. Yoast guides you in writing a post and checks the content so that the content is well optimized. It also includes many options like facebook graph or twitter metadata to make the website social friendly.

2. SEO Internal Links

best free seo plugin for wordpress

SEO Internal Links provides many configurable options which are very much beneficial to the website. This plugin is capable of automatically linking keywords and phrases in the post and comments with the corresponding post, pages, categories and tags on your blog. To avoid black SEO and inconvenience to the user, this plugin will only change the first word in a post if it detects more than one usage of the same word.

3. SEO Friendly Images

best free seo plugin for wordpress

This is a pretty straightforward plugin and does exactly what it claims to do. This plugin edits or overrides all the image ALT text and can also edit or override the image title automatically. This helps in increasing SEO image search ranking, thus increasing the overall SEO score of the post.

4. Remove Query Strings

best free seo plugin for wordpress

As the name suggests this plugin helps in removing query strings from static resources like CSS & JS files inside the HTML <head> elements which might slow down your website and result in poor speed scores.  Using this will give you a little speed boost and improve your speed scores in services like PageSpeed, Pingdom, GTmetrix, Yslow, etc.

5. Google Sitemap

best free seo plugin for wordpress

This is a simple plugin that creates an XML sitemap which helps search engines to index your website in a better way. The reason this is necessary is because with the help of such sitemaps it gets much easier to crawl and retrieve results more effectively. It also pings all major search engines every time a new content or a post is published.

6. SEO Cleaner

best free seo plugin for wordpress

SEO Cleaner will get of all the unnecessary WordPress clutter for you in a few mouce clicks. These junk files can bog down your website which might lead to a poor speed  with low search engine score and your website to be less optimized. This plugin helps you in avoiding such scenarios.

7. Rankie

best free seo plugin for wordpress

Though Rankie is not exactly an SEO plugin but it does help in improving overall search engine exposure. It helps you in tracking WordPress ranking on Google and also keeps a track of each keyword position.


best free seo plugin for wordpress
This plugin helps to create an overall optimized content for both humans as well as search bot friendly. You can check SEO related statistics and perform audits and find more keywords to get better traffic numbers. This plugin is compatible with Yoast and can be used alongside it too.  SEO by SQUIRRLY will help you in getting better ranking in a search result.

9. SEOPressor

best free seo plugin for wordpress

This is yet another powerful plugin to improve SEO of your site, it helps you to optimize your blog posts and guides you in doing so. It offers a number of useful features to optimize your blog posts perfectly. The highlight of this plugin is that keyword analysis is done by the plugin itself. It has a built-in research tool for keyword analysis which helps in finding long tail keywords. Also, it scans the content and shows what all necessary changes to be done to make the post more friendly.

10. All in One SEO Pack

best free seo plugin for wordpress

With over 1 million active users till date and a rating of 4.5, this is a popular SEO plugin which is very similar to Yoast and claims to be the only plugin that integrates well with WordPress E-commerce websites. It is capable of automatically generating meta tag and optimizing title which is better for search result ranking. Requires less tweaking and can be used as soon as it is installed.

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