Wondershare TunesGo Review. The best backup solution for Apple?

Wondershare TunesGo Review. Is it worth the cost?

So this is our Wondershare TunesGo review. TunesGo is a product program that expects to offer greater adaptability in dealing with your iOS gadget and iTunes library. Wondershare claims that TunesGo has features that can put iTunes to shame. This incorporates a simple approach to duplicate between different iDevices and change over imported media documents.

TunesGo won’t completely replace iTunes. Despite everything, you’ll be needing iTunes to utilize Apple’s product. But it will provide features that iTunes is incapable of providing. Presumably, the most ideal approach to consider TunesGo is a go-between application that fits amidst your iDevices and iTunes.

TunesGo promises on some options that will put iTunes to shame. People can easily use TunesGo to import and export files without breaking a sweat. So is it worth it? To find out please go through our full review of the software.


The TunesGo interface is uncluttered and easy to utilize. You’ll be happy to know that you will not have to learn or consult before utilizing this program. You can simply make a plunge and begin utilizing it. To completely test the program we associated two Apple gadgets in the meantime.

All the options are advantageously arranged on the left-hand side of the screen and are easily accessible. The choices you can tap on are Media, Playlist, Photos, Contacts, SMS, and Toolkit. The Media menu is maybe the one you’ll utilize the most as it’s the home for music, recordings, videos, pictures, podcasts, book recordings, and iTunes U.

Generally speaking, the interface is responsive, very much user-friendly.

Importing and Exporting

You may feel that iCloud keeps a backup of anything and everything. But that is not the case and iTunes will not back up files that are not purchased from iTunes. Thus, in the event that you have lost your iTunes library and you don’t have a local backup then auto-synchronizing your iDevice could wipe out your non-iTunes files. This is not the case for TunesGo.

Backup Options

When you need to backup content from your iOS gadget, TunesGo offers an adaptable way to deal with each task. If in case, you need to transfer music from your iDevice then you can duplicate an iTunes library or another iDevice.

We tried these three techniques out and effectively copied various media files sorts including playlists as well. If you want to copy only missing tracks from the iTunes library, the Smart Export feature comes in handy for this purpose. We like the way TunesGo lets you see a file if it’s already there in the iTunes library with the help of musical note column.

Direct Sync Between Apple Devices

Having the ability to specifically duplicate content with one iDevice onto the next is an extraordinary feature. If you have various Apple gadgets, then it’s far simpler to exchange the data using TunesGo and it works flawlessly.

Media Player and Image Viewer.

Before exporting files to different devices it’s convenient to have the ability to see your documents. TunesGo accompanies a basic media player for music/recordings and furthermore has an image viewer for pictures too.

Contacts and SMS Backup.

The main function of the TunesGo is to transfer media across various apple devices. However, TunesGo is also capable of taking backups of contacts and SMS. TunesGo can backup contacts in various formats which include: Vcard, CSV, Outlook Express, Outlook, and a couple of other formats. TunesGo also has contact editor, which lets you edit a contact on the go. It also lets you find duplicate contacts so that you can delete them.

Imported Media

For media importing, the program boasts a number of features. If TunesGo encounters a format that is unsupported by iOS then it prompts you to convert the file to another format so that your iDevice can play it. We tested a number of non-Apple sound and video formats and were amazed by how well TunesGo took care of the entire procedure.

Playlist Management

TunesGo is also capable of creating a playlist. You can create, add or remove tracks without using iTunes. There’s additionally a choice to include a playlist from the PC. Be that as it may, instead of converting format like WPL, M3U, and so on TunesGo takes a folder of your PC and makes a playlist out of it.


TunesGo offers a decent number of options with regards to dealing with the media and data on your Apple gadget. The software makes a backup and restores look easy. The ability to check the library to see if the tracks are already there in the iTunes library or whether it needs to be replaced is very useful. The Smart Export option is needed as unlike iTunes it will not erase file while syncing. iTunes, as you might have already noticed, deletes media files on an iOS device if it doesn’t get the files in the iTunes library on the computer.

TunesGo is well capable of creating a playlist. Yes, you have the ability to make playlists on iTunes, however, you can’t create or alter Smart Playlists. There’s also an ‘add playlist’ option, but rather than adding in prior playlists, TunesGo makes one out of the music folder stored on the computer which may not be useful to you.

One of the best features of TunesGo which makes it unique is having the capacity to straightforwardly exchange data starting with one iDevice then onto the next. This functioned flawlessly and is a live saver. We additionally enjoyed how TunesGo imported files and converted unsupported formats for Apple gadgets.

We also loved the fact that TunesGo is also capable of backing up non-media content like contacts and SMS. It also offers the feature to edit contacts and searching and removing duplicate contacts.It can also import to various formats, for example, Vcard, Outlook, CSV, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

TunesGo is an extraordinary application for managing contents of your iOS gadget and iTunes library. All things considered, if you want a software that can backup file contact and more without you have to break a sweat then TunesGo is perfect for you.


Simple to use, easily backup, restoring, importing and exporting.

The safe way to backup and restore files if you do not have iTunes backup.

Can transfer file between multiple apple devices.

Import optimized media files for your iOS gadget.


Price is a bit high.

Cannot edit smart playlist or import playlist of other formats.

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