Zion RAM Review in India. Play that latest RPG game without a lag.

Zion RAM review in India. Game ON!

Zion Ram Review To all you game lovers out there I have some good news. Have you heard of the new Zion Ram 8GB DDR4? If you have not then tie your belts and sit straight because this is something you cannot afford to miss.

Living in the 21st century, technology is very important in our daily lives. The world of video games has gone a lot ahead from the simple Pinball to Crysis 3. So at a time like this, we need something which would help us to break our boundaries and move forward in the world of Jeux vidéo.

Today let us discuss a small Zion Ram review 8GB DDR4 in India.

Most of us know that Zion is one of the biggest RAM making companies in India. Zion has been always keeping a good name for their products.  This particular model of Zion RAM in India has been built for all the PC gamers out there who love to try out varieties of software to improve their gaming experience.  Let us look into some of its features.


Zion Ram comes in the varieties of desktop, laptops, servers. They have been known be very efficient and well made. The major specifications of Zion Ram 8GB DDR4 are:

  • Memory Size: 8GB
  • RAM Type: DDR4
  • Frequency: 2133 MHz
  • Voltage: 1.2 V
  • Format: DIMM


To say I was very excited to test this RAM would be an understatement. I used it on a gaming Personal Computer powered by Intel and the performance of the RAM took my breath away. I tried to play Bloodborne with the help of this RAM. It performed well without any initial difficulties and I am quite happy with the results.


For gamers on a budget, Zion RAM in India is perfect. At a price of Rs. 3000 for the 8 GB RAM, you get a value for money RAM with a rock solid performance. I think it is a good bargain. So for all my fellow gamers out there, go and grab this product as soon as possible.

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